Operations role – Polish speakker required


Kerry’s multi-site production facilities across EMEA offers graduates a fast moving environment in which to gain valuable experience and the opportunity to take on early responsibility in a management role.

The operations function is responsible for the efficient use of raw materials, the planning and organisation of production processes and personnel to meet the respective business unit’s production requirements and standards. People management will also form an important aspect of an Operations graduate role.

Production Management calls for a special combination of talents and it is important that graduates entering this role become one of the team and demonstrate strong leadership skills.
In our manufacturing sites, the pace is fast and the pressure is on to produce the right products at the right time and always to exceptional standards. Every day will bring a variety of challenges. To begin with, your area and machinery will need to be checked and tested, and production schedules and specifications reviewed before you can brief your team on the day’s goals. As the day progresses, you will need to meet with your line manager to discuss staffing issues and the latest statistics to determine whether your area is as productive as it could be, or if resources could be adjusted to achieve higher yields. And all the while, you will need to ensure your team knows exactly what is required and constantly monitor and encourage them.
Within a short period of time you could be in charge of your own production team. There will be opportunities for you to manage larger business units and become involved in projects such as evaluating new processes or resources. A typical progression path might be Production Manager to Operations Manager to Site Manager; but certainly there will be a number of different roles open to you.

Relevant Qualifications: Bachelor or Master degree in Manufacturing/ Process/Mechanical/ chemical Engineering.

The role is based in the UK. After a couple of years, you will be based in Poland.

To apply, please send us a CV and cover letter in English to kerry@gtisolutions.co.uk

The closing date for applications is 18th July 2011.